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Meet Terry

Owner, ValleyScape Consulting

Having been an owner/retail manager of Fort Valley Nursery (now Woodstock Gardens) for the past 40 years, I've had the pleasure to meet and work with a lot of gardeners. What I found most rewarding was building those relationships and helping to solve garden issues/problems for homeowners throughout the valley. 

Drawing on experience from my own gardening and educational background in horticulture, insect and disease issues, and plant maintenance, I can help in resolving problems and promote the health and beauty of your landscape. 

Specifically, ValleyScape Consulting can help address:

  • Plant selection questions

  • Insect and disease problems

  • Pruning technique and timing

  • Fertilization/nutrient issues

  • Overall tree, shrub, and perennial care



  • Degree in Entomology from Purdue University

  • Managed a horticulture co. in Chicago and Minneapolis

  • Past President of Shen. Valley Nursery and Greenhouse Association

  • Honorary member of Virginia Master Gardeners

  • Completing VA Master Naturalist program

What I Specialize In

Plant Selection Questions

Insect and Disease Issues

Pruning Technique and timing

Fertilization and nutrient issues

Overall tree, shrub, and perennial care


Begin your journey towards a happy and healthy garden with a consultation now.  

Terry is a fount of knowledge on how to make a garden flourish. He’s given us invaluable advice on a wide range of topics, including invasive plants and insects, plant diseases, pruning techniques and optimum fertilization schedules. He is an exceptionally gifted teacher — and equally important, he makes the process of learning fun! I would highly recommend him to anyone who aspires to be a successful gardener.

- Fran Dubrowski

With extensive experience and credentials in horticulture, Terry is heaven sent! After we invested in trees, shrubs, and flowers around our home in WV, Terry helped us create a plan for winterizing, pruning, feeding, and protecting our plants and beds. He is an absolute joy to work with!! I have a notebook full of his wisdom and a new level of excitement about our home.

- Pam Rubin

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